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Umut Erbaş

Group Exhibition

About This Moment We Share 15.06 - 20.07.2o23 


d. 1991 / İstanbul, Türkiye

Lives and works in İstanbul


2022- ongoing Marmara University, Painting (M.A.)

2014-2020 Yıldız Technical University, Photograph and Video (B.A.)

Selected Group Exhibitions

2023 About This Moment We Share, Art On Pera, Istanbul, TR

2023 I (Don‘t) Want To Go Home, Feshane, Istanbul, TR

2023 Fresh Eyes Talents 2022, Haute Photographie, Keilepand, M4H AREA, Rotterdam, Netherlands, NL

2022 Gide Gide II, Fikret Otyam Art Center, Ankara, TR

2022 Artweeks Akaretler, Istanbul, TR

2022 There Is No Being On Earth That Has Time, Dou Print Studio x Istanbul Experimental, Ankara, TR

2022 Remix by Mixer Art, 212 Photography Festival, Akaretler, Istanbul, TR

2022 Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, Istanbul, TR

2022 GUP/ Fresh Eyes Magazine, Haute Photographie, Museumplein, Amsterdam, NL

2022 Artweeks Akaretler, Istanbul, TR

2022 In The Presence of Each Other, Koli Art Space, Istanbul, TR

2022 I ME CE 2.0, Barın Han, Istanbul, TR

2021 Mixer: Now İstanbul Gallery Week, Mixer, Istanbul, TR

2021 BASE, Tophane-i Amire Art Center, Istanbul, TR

2021 The Cure, Hinterland Galerie, AT

2021 Healing İn Istanbul, Karşı Sanat, İBB, Yaklaşım Tüneli, Istanbul, TR

2021 Silver Cycle, Evliyagil Dolapdere, Istanbul, TR

2020 Rotary Art, Elgiz Museum, Istanbul, TR

2019 Border_less Art Book Days (Mixer), Istanbul, TR

2019 I ME CE, Hub Istanbul, Istanbul, TR

2019 Surprize, Centro Arti Visive Pescheria, IT

2019 Rota Art 2, Plato Art, Istanbul, TR

Talks, Forums, Consultancy, Screenings

2023 Action / Experience / Contact, Exhibition Consultant, Ankara, TR

2023 Visibility, DEPO, Istanbul, TR

2022 There Is No Being On Earth That Has Time, Yermekan, Ankara, TR

2022 I‘m Here, Hush Gallery, Istanbul, TR

2022 12. Photography Meetings, Salt Galata, Istanbul, TR


2022 Fresh Eyes Talents 2022

2020 Bazaart, Jury Special Photography Award

Press, Articles

2022 Fresh Eyes Photo, There Is No Being On Earth That Has Time, Article (Online)

2022 Fresh Eyes Talents 2022, Talents Book

2022 Varlık Magazine, June 2022

2021 Artisans Magazine, Issue 19,

2020 ŞehreBak, Küçük Zaman Sözlüğü 3

2019 Orta Format Magazine, Issue 27

2018 FABRİKA, Issue 4

2018 İz Magazine, Issue 53

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