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      Art On Bodrum welcomes visitors in summer 2023 at Yalıkavak in cooperation with Ruins, LG and Brothers. Named after the latitude and longitude degrees of Ruins Bodrum’s location, the group exhibition titled “exactly this place 27’e 37’n” welcomes summer with a wide selection of artists.


      Located at Ruins’s stone building the exhibition brings together contemporary art and architecture with artists using different mediums. In “exactly this place 27’e 37’n” Ruins’s dynamic and romantic energy is turned into an artistic form by artists. Art On and Ruins form an experimental dimension for guests and creates a new space of experience for visitors with the unity formed by the emerging differences.


      The exhibition presents works by Damla Sari, Erdal İnci, Gürsel Soyel, Hüseyin Aksoylu, Kerem Giriş, Mert Diner, Oddviz, Olcay Kuş, Onur Mansız and Tansu Kırcı.


      Bringing together architecture, entertainment and art at just beside of Tilkicik Bay, Art On welcomes visitors at Yalıkavak Ruins till August 30.

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