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      Art On Istanbul, founded by collectors Nil and Oktay Duran in 2011, aims to serve as a space that runs an interdisciplinary program in reference to art history while embracing authentic contemporary approaches through publications and seminars parallel to its exhibition program.

      Based on the idea of supporting the gallery program with curatorial exhibitions and publications that strive to make permanent contributions to art history, Art On Istanbul aspires to establish a climate of criticism for in-depth and multi-perspective analyses of the artworks.

      The gallery tries to play a functional role between the artwork and the audience by taking on an approach that brings out the inherent characteristics of the works through identification of the variations and similarities in the artists’ practices.

      With exhibitions, publications and discussions intending to analyze the creative mind as the source of abstraction and interpret the codex of the artist, the gallery sets out to create a holistic intellectual ground, which is seminal in terms of meaning and form and coherent with the art tradition on a critical axis.

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