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      BMW's ix1 innovation brings us one step closer to our dreams. Combining the dynamism and liveliness of the city with the simplicity and power of nature, the ix1 not only boasts a stylish design but also reduces carbon emissions with its electric fuel technology, effectively revitalizing the city.

      The first unveiling of the BMW ix1 will take place at Turkey's largest contemporary art fair, CI Bloom, with a design by Kerem Giriş.

      Kerem Giriş utilizes glass as the primary medium in his art. His goal is to make his works semi-nude, allowing them to harmonize with the space they are placed in. In doing so, he creates a new way of seeing and experiencing art. In this context, Kerem Giriş draws on the memory of the space, using glass that is both fluid and simple yet powerful, and also delves into the concept of time in performative creations. Glass is a natural and endlessly transformable material, and just as each artwork has its unique narrative, the life story of glass itself inspires the artist.

       In collaboration with BMW, Kerem Giriş combines the clean energy usage of the ix1 with the artist's minimalist and powerful design. The glass panels on either side of the ix1 represent nature on one side and the active and dynamic urban life on the other, while in the middle stands the ix1, born from the fusion of these two concepts. Drawing inspiration from nature but also embodying an urban spirit, the ix1 manages to stay true to the freedom it derives from nature while keeping up with the dynamism of the city.

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