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Bilal Yılmaz




  •  MA Product Design, Istanbul Technical University


  • Perception in Design with Prof. John Thompson
, Binghamton University


  • Metal Casting in Sculpture with Prof. Jim Stark, Binghamton University


  • BS Information Systems Engineering, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul

  • BS Computer Science, Binghamton University, New York

Exhibition & Project


  • Unseen - BackStage Tour (Experience Design), Creative Director & Designer, Zorlu Performance Art Center, Istanbul, January-April

  • Craftsmanship In Kütahya (Research), Pera Museum, Kütahya-Turkiye, May

  • No Water No Hope (Text-Graffiti), Circular-4 Art Festival, Mersin-Turkiye, June

  • Elhamra (Sculpture), “Future Memories” group exhibition, Pera Museum, Istanbul, October

  • “Technology and Craft: Effect and affect of Craft in society” (Conference), CraftHub EU, OsloMet-Norway, November 2023

  • DevConnect_Istanbul ( Light Ambience Design), Etherium Foundation, ICC-Istanbul, November

  • “ Craftsmanship in Ayvalık - Unesco SWOT Analysis” (Workshop), Ayvalık Municipality, Ayvalık-Turkiye, November 2023

  • “Serial Crafts-IM”(Installation & Educational Program Kit ), Istanbul Modern, January (upcoming)


  • “Shadows Of Crafts - Ayvalık” (Light-Sound-Shadow installation), Gate27, Istanbul, April-May

  • “Dirt Is The Color Of Labor” (Installation), Gazhane Museum, Istanbul, June

  • “Dirt Is The Color Of Labor” (Installation), Santral Museum, Istanbul, June

  • Creative-Crafts: Artist Residency Program, Co-creator and Co-director, Gate 27, Istanbul, June - July

  • CraftNet-Skopje , Residency (Research, Workshop, Installation), Kontrapunkt, North Macedonia, June-July

  • CraftNet-Prizren, Craft Research in Prizren-Kosova, as the guest of DokuFest, August

  • “Cycle II” (Kinetic Object), “On A Beam Of Light” group exhibition, Taksim Sanat, Istanbul, November

  • Participatory Action Research on Crafts, Bilgi University - Architecture Department, Istanbul, Fall Semester


  • Creative - Craft Program for Istanbul Design Museum, Concept and Program Design, May-August

  • Hadrian Lights (site-specific kinetic light installation), Open Air Art Space, 6th Kaleici Oldtown Festival, Antalya, October

  • “Serial Craft” (public space kinetic installation), Yanköşe Contemporary Art Project, Istanbul, June-December


  • Creative-Craft Platform (hybrid-collective participatory production system for creatives and crafts), Concept and System Design

  • “Craftsmanship In Ayvalık” (Residency - Research - Publication - Installation), GATE-27, Ayvalık, July-August


  • “Memories of Objects” (Sculpture), “Green Mold” group exhibition, Mixer Gallery, Istanbul, January

  • City Stage (Concept-Product Design & Co-Production), LABattoir, Greece, May

  • Arte-Util Library Hub (Concept-Product Design), ArtBox, Greece, July

  • Distorted Nature - “one night installation”, Anahit Stage, 16th Istanbul Biennial Parallel Event, Istanbul, September 

  • “Sandmen: Dreaming in/of Europe” (Stage Design), Goethe-Institute & LABattoir, Thessaloniki, Greece, October

  • Unity (Installation - AudioVisual Performance), Freiraum & Goethe-Institute, Thessaloniki, Greece, October

  • Crafted In Istanbul, Genetics Codes of Turkish Design (Group Exhibition), Istanbul Airport, Istanbul, December


  • Crafted In Istanbul, featured in Tania Bruguera’ s archive of Arte Útil, January

  • Unesco Istanbul Design City - Craft Program (Concept Design), March-June

  • “Memories of The Home” (Installation), Swiss House Project (Residence Artist), MGLC, Slovenia, February

  • Fireflies (Installation), “Plural Istanbul Media”(Archive Exhibition), Depo, Istanbul, February

  • Mutual - Art Collective (Founder), Istanbul, March

  • The Spirits - “one night installation”, Mixer Gallery, Istanbul, March 

  • Butterfly (Installation), “Svetlobna Gverila-Colors”, 12th Light & Art Festival, Slovenia, May

  • Picnic Inventions (Concept-Product Design), “Teren: Experimental Space”, ProstoRoz, Slovenia, May

  • Cycle (New Media), “Art Theorema - Imago Mundi Highlights 2018”, Permanent Collection-Gallerie delle Prigioni, Italy, August

  • Butterfly (Installation), “The New New”, 3rd Artecitya Art | Science | Technology Festival, Greece, September


  • Memories Of The Objects (Installation), ‘Made in Türkiye’ (Group Exhibition), Istanbul, April

  • Aura (Lighting Design), ökoRAUSCH Design Festival (Group Exhibition), MAKK , Germany, May

  • Arabesque (Installation), Tovarna Rižarna Marihuana (Group Exhibition), Slovenia, June

  • Blue Corner – ROG (Collective Space Design), Slovenia, July

  • ‘Dirty Box’ (New Media), 15th Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul, September

  • Spiral (Light Installation), Across the Line (Group Exhibition), DigiLogue, Istanbul, November 


  • ‘Dirty Box’ (New Media), ‘Past, in Each of its Moments, be Citable’ (Group Exhibition), Depo, Istanbul, June 

  • Spider (Installation), Floating Castle Festival, Slovenia, July

  • Salon (Stage Design), Transforma Festival – ROG, Slovenia, August

  • Hope (Stage Design), Bogazici University Resistance Festival, Istanbul, October


  • Soldiery on Pedal (Crowd funding project), Istanbul, February


  • Boynuz (Furniture Design), 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial, Istanbul, December

  • Crafted In Istanbul (Action Project), 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial, Istanbul, December 


  • Crafted in Istanbul - Collective (Co-founder), Istanbul, March


  • Craftsmanship In Istanbul - Research, Istanbul, February  

  • Olmazisler – Design Collective (Co-founder), Istanbul, September


  • Open Studio - Collective Art & Design Studio (Founder), Bogazici University, Istanbul, March

  • Istanbul Design Week ‘11 (Participant), Istanbul, October


  • Studio Works (Group Exhibition), Binghamton-NY, May

  • Hulda - ArtScist International Competition (Group Exhibition), Tophane-i Amire, Istanbul, September

  • Istanbul Design Week’10 (Participant), Istanbul, October

Talk / Workshop / Lecture

  • “ Craftsmanship in Ayvalık - Unesco SWOT Analysis” (Workshop), Ayvalık Municipality, Ayvalık-Turkiye, November 2023

  • “ Technology and Craft: Effect and affect of Craft in society” (Conference), CraftHub EU, OsloMet-Norway, November 2023

  • “Creative Craft Platform: Building Creative Communities and Networks Around Crafts” (Masterclass), Boğaziçi Ayvalık Schools, Ayvalık-Turkiye, September 2023

  • “Participatory Action Research - Craft Net” (Academic Lecture), Bilgi University - Architecture Department, Istanbul, Fall Semester (2022)

  • “Crafts In Contemporary Art Production” (Talk), Tasarım Vakfı (Design Foundation), Istanbul, December 2022

  • “Creative Craft Platform: Building Creative Communities and Networks Around Crafts” (Lecture), ‘’Either/Or: Culture Networks’’ Conference, Peja-Kosovo, November 2022

  • “Crafts In A Digital Era. Why and How ? “ (Masterclass), Digilogue, Istanbul , October 2022

  • “Building Creative Communities And Networks Through Artistic Practices” (Talk), -1 Collective Space, Istanbul, October, 2022

  • “Creative Craft Platform: Building creative communities and networks around crafts” (Lecture), Summer School Ohrid - N. Macedonia, September 2022

  • “Creative Craft Research” (Workshop), Kontrapunkt, Skopje-North Macedonia, June 2022

  • “Mapping Crafts As An Artistic Practice” (Talk), Art Talks - Budak, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, March, 2022

  • “Craftsmanship In Istanbul” (Walk and Talk), CAMEKAN program of IKSV-Istanbul Design Biennial and HfG Karlsruhe University, Feb, 2022

  • “Artistic Interventions in Public Space” (Talk), Mural Antalya 2021 - Antalya Culture & Art, June 2021

  • “Art with an Impact” (Lecture), Eco Design Forum by Oekorausch Sustainable Design Festival, Cologne, June 2021

  • “Interdisciplinary Experiences” (Talk), Tarabya Tuesdays, Kulturakademia Tarabya, Istanbul, August 2019 

  • “Interdisciplinary Experiences” (Talk), New Creators, Bigumigu-ATÖLYE, Istanbul, April 2019

  • ”Freevolous City Stage” (Participatory Design Workshop)- Expert on concept creation and realization, LABattoir project by ArtBOX, Thessaloniki, Greece, December 2018 

  • “Crafted In Istanbul and Creative Collaborations”(Talk), Wednesday Seminars, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul, October 2018 

  • “Crafted In Istanbul and Creative Collaborations”(Talk), SOHO House, Istanbul, October 2018 

  • “Crafted In Istanbul - Mapping Crafts As An Artistic Practice“ (Talk),  Arte-Util Archive Program, Açık Radio, Istanbul, June 2018 

  • Crafted In Istanbul - Creative Craft Collaborations(Talk), Cultural Heritage Conference, Istinye University, Istanbul, April 2018 

  • “Open Studio: Story of A Collective Artistic Production Space”(Talk), Office Of Arte-Util, SALT, Istanbul, February 2018

  • “Craftsmanship In Istanbul - An Action Research Project on Understanding Crafts” (Talk), Craft & Design Talks, Bulgaria, April 2016

  • ”Hulda: Festival For Art And Sciences” (Workshop), Margaris Foundation, Greece, August 2012

  • ”Up-cycling In Design” (Workshop), Shortwave Project  – Bilgi University, Istanbul, June, 2011

  • ”Practicing Art & Design In The Nature” (Workshop) – TOG, Iğneada, June, 2008

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